Workout And Diets From Toronto Workout

There are so many fun ways to get a great workout. First lets start off with why you want to workout? Is it for health reasons, weight loss, for fun, or maybe just trying something new? What ever the case let me break down the basics you need to know.


You need to understand that diets in the way of starving yourself NEVER work, everytime you don’t eat your body goes into shock and begins storing any food it gets into fat to prepare for being starved again. This means your matabolism is low, we need to boost that. To do that you need cardio and proper diet.

Yes, diet drinks help because it has less carbs and sugars. The less carbs you eat in a day while still getting the proper nutrition is the best way to go, small short meals throughout the day. Don’t fill up on one meal, eat about 4-5 portions a day. Do not constantly snack though, this will keep your digestive system constantly working which is also not good. I’ve heard many great success stories from Weight Watchers because of their point system and how they rate your body size with how many carbs you should be getting and what food is best to consume.

Because Toronto has a large choice of grocery shopping you will find many places have those low carbs and even Weight Watchers food like bread and treats like brownies. Its good to treat yourself, but do it moderatly and with the right treats.

Now down to the hard part, well in the summer time in Toronto there are so many options for running in parks, down at the Toronto beaches. Toronto also offers some great different Yoga classes, from hot yoga where you are in a sauna doing yoga, to naked yoga. I’ve never tried the naked yoga but hey theres got to be a reason for it.

Its best to get great cardio, jogging is the best but biking, even power walking will do. What you need to accomplish is to get your heart rate up. The best form of cardio is called HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training. This is where you would warm up by walking for 5 minutes to speed walking.. Then run as fast as you can for 30-60 seconds, then slow down to a fast walk for 5 minutes. Repeat this 5-6 times and this will burn calories all day in your body!

Every little bit counts, meaning if you park your car at work underground take the stairs instead of the elevator, in fact take the stairs when ever you can! This alone will help a lot in keeping your heart pumping through the day. If you are in a relationship sex is also a GREAT cardio workout, take charge and do all the work and last longer. Having orgasims also cause the body to release endorphins in the body and are great for weight loss and promote good overall health.

Dancing the night away can also be great excersise so go out and find a Toronto nightclub close to you. Keep in mind not everything thats good for you has to be a workout, a good massage is also a great health benifit so start finding a Toronto Erotic Massage in your area. For some side entertainment you can also find some Toronto strip clubs, everyone needs a little break.

Make sure you do pictures before and after, even along the way will be a great thing to keep. Once you’ve reached your goal gets some professional pictures done with Toronto Photography.

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