Toast Four Ways

Weekday breakfasts havent always been something I look forward to. For many years I thought my only approved weekday breakfast options were cereals, toast, muffins none of which appeal to me. Rather than eat these items I would just grab a coffee and wait til lunch.

Then I met with a nutritionist who asked me why I didnt often eat breakfast Monday to Friday. The reason? I thought I wasnt allowed to eat savoury/non-sweet foods at breakfast. A pretty pathetic reason to avoid a meal that would kick-start my metabolism for the day. To cut a long story short the nutritionist worked with me to come up with some breakfast options that I looked forward to eating.

All of these are super easy to make and are a delicious way to start the day. All spreads are on top of sprouted grain bread.

Hummus and tomatoes spread on toast is one of my staples. I can often be seen eating this at the start of my workday.

A breakfast bruschetta of sorts basil, tomato and goat cheese.

Who doesnt love avocado? As you can see I love tomatoes!

The sweetest of all the options (sometimes I do need a twinge of sweet!) blueberries and goat cheese.

Whats your favourite breakfast mixtures? Do you prefer a sweeter or savoury start to the day?

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