Never Too Old To Dream

This morning I went on a glorious 16km run with my running group. It was one of those runs where the sun was shining and you finally felt that winter was coming to an end. Fingers crossed! Winter is really not my best season, so I am definitely looking forward to it being over. I was recently away in Costa Rica and it was so nice to feel the warm sunshine again!

This month is my birthday month and each year I like to try and take some time to document my goals for the coming year. Hopefully by sharing them with all of you I will be able to make them come true. Some goals are pretty concrete while others are more vague. But each individual goal means something to me.

Goals for this coming year:

  • Run a subĀ  2 hour half marathon.
  • Register for a Try-a-Tri this summer.
  • To walk out of a yoga class and be proud of what I have accomplished easier said than done for me!
  • Buy a place.
  • Be happy with who I am. I have a lot to be thankful for and it is time I start truly realizing this.
  • Constantly set new goals/challenges for myself.
  • Spend more time with the people I care about.
  • Take some time each week to turn dreams I have into realities.
  • Invite friends over more often for dinner.
  • To take a cooking class at Culinarium.
  • To stop using the word just so much this one is for you B.

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